Why is there mold on the attic hatch and how to get rid of it?

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We recently moved into our new building (bungalow). Now after only 5 months we have noticed mold on the floor insertion stairs or hatch. The roof is a cold roof. The hatch is wet on the side facing the roof and the veneer is peeling off slightly there – mold is visible underneath.

We are now a bit unsure how to proceed here now.

a) How can mold occur here? Do we have to live with it in a cold roof and independently provide any insulation or the like?

b) Do we have to call in an expert to find out what the problem is or should we contact the house construction company directly?

c) Someone has an idea what we can do against mold here now? I am extremely annoyed that we have such issues after such a short time.



The hatch is probably not closing properly, warm air is passing through and condensing on the hatch.

Your first point of contact is the home builder.


Possibly the hatch is also not installed correctly and warm air is coming past the side.


During our renovation, we noticed that the attic stairs to the cold roof had a few inches of "air", which was concealed by wainscoting. There was no mold to be found there, however. We then installed a properly closing and flush fitting staircase.

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