What is the optimal roof overhang size for an urban villa with a hipped roof?

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We are building an urban villa with a hipped roof (roof pitch about 22°) with 2 full floors.

Now I became aware of the roof overhang problem. One of the suppliers called 15 cm sufficient. After studying the information on the Internet as positive aspects, in addition to appearance, mentioned the protection of the facade from moisture and shading.

What do you think?



We are also building an urban villa with a 25° pitch and now the roof overhang will be 50 cm plus guttering (initially only 30 cm was suggested, but I thought it was too small).

  • We also have 50 cm. I find it very nice and appropriate for the house. But it always depends on individual taste as well as the house. For example, if you build an 8x8 m house and put a meter roof overhang on each side, it won't fit.

Sure, the roof overhang adds something on the first floor. We have a 3 story old building with a mezzanine floor (3.5 stories) and a roof overhang of about 30-40 cm above the entrance (over 10 m high). If it's raining normally, you can press up against the wall and take shelter there to pick up the key. I would do 50 cm all the way around, it's just really good facade protection.

Most homes with mold on the facade with ETICS trim have no roof overhangs.

Especially since it makes little difference in the long run in terms of cost, so it's pretty clear: 50 cm across should be the rule. 


15 cm looks silly in my opinion!

It should be 50 cm, then it doesn't get as much rain on the windows.


It's an individual decision – and the facade should be able to withstand the rain – on the first floor it does!

Decide according to your taste and wallet.


I don't like big overhangs on an urban villa.

That's why we have 20 cm.

  • We have 25 cm, that's enough for us, too. Can't we show it in 3D? That way it seems to be visual and understandable.

We determined the roof overhang for the kitchen roof using sun position and ray simulation (in PowerPoint). Whereas at 20 cm or 30 cm this is probably so relevant.

I'd like to think it's purely optical – from 50 cm, then perhaps the façade and window protection begins.

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