How big should the overhang be for a 7 m high gable roof?

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We are building a bungalow with a gable roof 35 degrees. In a U shape. Now the question is whether we should take a 50 or 60 cm roof overhang?

I tend to 50cm roof overhang, because our house is not very high ( 6.3 m) and large roof overhangs visually reduce the house I find. Was there anyone who faced the same question ? Does anyone have a photo of a 50 cm roof overhang ?

My architect says it would not matter, and only an optical thing. The facade would be equally protected.



Then in any case 50 cm. For facades protection also 0cm is enough. We have no roof overhang, it's just optics.

  • At 60 (from 50), the whole overhang is added to the built-up area. Go with the 50!

between 50 and 60 cm you can't see any difference anyway....

0 ... 50 ... 100 cm would be such levels where you can really think about it.

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