How to "refresh" the facade of an old shell house?

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I am selling a house, I want to give it a marketable look.

The house was built in the 60's and 70's, part shell rock, part butte. The walls are plastered with something resembling clay-cement plaster (can it be, I do not know, but pieces were falling off similar). The plaster was whitewashed with lime. Because of the frost, some of it fell off in pieces.

Actually the question. Is it possible with minimum capital investments (without mesh and stuff), to bring the walls into visible order (then plaster and what to paint).

The photo below is one of the best places – there are worse places – loose plaster, etc. 




Take a cement-sand mixture and plaster it. Then paint with lime.

  • Thank you!!! And primer with what before plastering? And, I take it, as much of what comes off needs to be chipped off as possible?
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    ou got that right. You don't need to primer. Just sweep off the dust (wet with water).
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