What is a pilaster strip to reinforce a window? Who has experience installing it?

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The window installer wants to install a pilaster strip on the inside of our new patio doors in the new building to reinforce them. When they went to adjust the sash, they realized that the window must not have been installed quite right. It permanently grazes the bottom of the frame. The pilaster strip is supposed to fix all that. One wing of the patio door is 1.06m wide and 2.12 high. What does a pilaster strip look like, does it all make sense ?



I know the production of a 'pilaster strip' only in the exterior. It is used both for appearance and to reinforce the wall (statics).

What exactly does the window maker hope to accomplish by structurally reinforcing the interior masonry?


Pilaster strips are also used horizontally in door leaves, but they are used for appearance. This involves inserting metal strips into transverse joints.

Would he like to install something like this above the patio door for reinforcement?

He should explain to you what he means


It will probably be a multi-part balcony door, where the leaf is 106 x 212 cm. This type of balcony door is often made with insufficient reinforcement for cost reasons. The result is that the entire element wobbles when closing. The applied pilaster strip in the vertical direction is supposed to strengthen the statics and reduce the wobbling. What does this have to do with the permanent grinding of the sash on the frame? Nothing or not much.

As a rule, the construction has between 4 and 12 mm of rebate clearance between the frame and the sash. In addition, the door hardware can still bring the door leaf up by about 2 mm. In addition, a sash lifter should prevent the sash from sinking. Much more can not be said from a distance, without further detailed knowledge in your case.

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