Can I use lockable handles on windows or only regular escape handles?

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We wanted to have lockable windows everywhere in our new house. Now our company's designer has told us that the window should have a regular handle, not lockable, because of the possibility of evacuation. Is that really the case? Where is it written?

  • Are button locks really not an option?
  • In my opinion, they don't help against burglary or tampering. Then you can get a regular pen right away. We have lockable knobs, no one told us about the necessary second escape route. 



I always think this is absurd. A lockable window doesn't count as a defense against attack, but it also doesn't count as an escape route, isn't that a contradiction of one to the other?

Somehow a window is the worst thing you can plan for.

Unfortunately, I can't help you with anything, except that such a set of handles with a white lock can be easily obtained and exchanged for regular windows in three minutes.

Maybe an emergency hammer on the wall, like on the bus, or an ax in the hallway would help?


Just equip one with a regular handle, and after you build it yourself you change it to a lockable one. I have all the keys handy in case of an emergency.


We have a children's room with access to the balcony. The handle stays closed when no adults are present.


I also have them everywhere to protect the little ones from running away. The keys are all on the door and so are always at hand.

I'd like to see someone in imminent danger think long and hard about reaching for their keys.

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