Is it possible to install a fixed window element – H220cm x W200cm without a crane?

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We are planning 1 fixed window element (plastic with triple glazing; cannot be opened) in the size of approx. W200cm x H220cm in our living area.

Our construction manager now says that such a window (fixed) is too heavy and the installation is only possible with a crane. Can anyone tell me if this is really the case?

I have read that such a window weighs about 130kg, which already speaks for a difficult installation. Has anyone had experience with this?

Background: Where the window is, we have a beautiful view, which we would not like to have impaired by a faceplate, therefore the decision for a fixed element.



I have installed such a window, about 3m x 2.10m triple glazed with VSG. This went quite well on the first floor without large height differences with logs to roll. But it was heavy.


We have 2 2mx2.2 m elements (fixed) on the ground floor – normal triple glazed; No problems with installing. However, the glass panels were supplied separately from the frame.

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