Is it ok to install tiles on gypsum plaster?

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Several years ago, the kitchen was renovated: the walls were originally painted with oil paint. As much as I could cut down – cut down, then covered the remains of the paint with primer and put a plaster on top. After that, glued wallpaper.

Now decided to make an apron of tiles: what to do with the wall? Wallpaper neatly cut and bent, putty tried to scrape off as much as possible. Will it be enough? I really don't want to scrape off the old paint.



It's better to clean all the way up to the walls. There's nothing complicated or difficult about it. You just need the right scraper.

Carefully cut to the ground all that is needed (wallpaper and putty), leave a little to spare, with an overlap under the tiles (about 5 mm.), scrape it all off, cover the edge of the wallpaper with paper tape, so as not to spoil on the edges and glue the tiles.

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