How many outlets should be in the kitchen?

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We are currently planning the kitchen and are almost at the end of it, and we still need to plan outlets for the electrician. How many outlets should there be at least in the kitchen? We are going to have a U-shaped kitchen. Outlets for stationary appliances are clear (oven fridge microwave, etc.). I mean free outlets above the countertop for mobile appliances (coffee maker, kettle, mixer, etc.).

We currently have 8 free outlets planned, 2 in each corner. What do you say, are 8 outlets enough or should we use a few more? Should all the available outlets in the kitchen have their own circuit?

  • No matter what "should" be, consider what YOU need. We make do with 2 outlets + 1 USB, but that may not be the case for you.



This is very individual. It also depends on the number of appliances, cooking habits, etc. For example, we currently have 9 outlets (5 circuits) at work height, 5 of which are constantly occupied.

I would plan at least two circuits, one on the left side of the kitchen and one on the right side.


It all depends on you. There are those who make do with two, there are those who need 5 for appliances that are constantly standing (kettle, Thermomix, coffee grinder, Alexa, smoothie mixer,...etc.). Think about what you have and what you would always like to have available.

Then think about what might come up in everyday life... hand blender at the stove, fryer, cell phone charging cable (x times), etc. and how many of those you need at one time.


Plan which appliances (coffee maker, food processor, blender, cell phone charging station, etc.) will be in a particular location at all times. There's a different outlet for each piece plus a free outlet. Then check which areas of the countertop do not yet have outlets and distribute them accordingly.

Don't forget to provide an outlet for a hand blender a good distance to the right and left of the cooktop. And so on.

For example, I have 5 outlets in one particular place, because I installed there all the free machines in the wall from the appliances: kettle, food processor, ice maker, refrigerator connection.

Flat layout, like 2 outlets in every corner... you can bet, there will always be at least one place that will be missing an outlet later, and you will always have to reconnect electrical appliances.


I have 12, three in each of the four corners.

Nine would probably be enough. But I'd rather sacrifice one socket for a double USB C socket, whether it's for a smartwatch, cell phone, or whatever. We have two of those in the bedroom, too.


We have 12 outlets. 3-3-4, and there have been days when 1-2 units have been full. Not always with useful stuff, but plenty. I would just do more than you think you need right now. 


4 on the countertop, 2 of which are occupied, 1 in each window, 1 free above the high board, 1 on the door, and I think 1 in the corner (covered by a cabinet). There are a total of 9 outlets (3 permanently occupied) plus the hood, refrigerator, oven, and a spare outlet behind the gas stove in case we switch to electric.

It's better to install a few extra outlets than to have to work with junction boxes or rewire them later.

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