How comfortable is to have mirror apron in the kitchen?

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I want a mirrored apron in my kitchen. It's understandable that it's beautiful. But how comfortable is it? Does anyone have any experience with it



I have 10 years of experience using a mirrored apron in two apartments. One kitchen 5.5 sq. m. (gas stove). The other – 15 (electric stove). The mirrors are simple 3 mm glass (Ikea), not glued. The mirrors are in rails (stainless steel apron rail from Ikea). The rail above the mirror is used (hangs a dryer for dishes). No problems. Great motivator to keep the kitchen clean.


I personally have a mirrored apron in the kitchen, lined with "bricks". it looks very interesting, no problems in care – to wipe cleaner and all, but adds volume, plays the glare in the sun. A friend, on the contrary, a solid matte glass apron – complains that the glass gets dust and flies and nothing to get them out, very annoying.


It is difficult to perfectly remove stains and splash marks from the mirror. And the mirror shows any dirt, unlike the non-mirror surface. This is a disadvantage.

  • The main disadvantage is that the mirror gets dirty quickly. Even water stains, let alone grease, oil, and so on.
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    A month rented an apartment with such an apron in the kitchen, visually cool, but for me personally impractical. Regarding the statements that washing the mirror takes the same efforts as washing the tile, this is a delusion, the mirror will have to lick more thoroughly.
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