Is the size and position of the wall battens correct?

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AAC outbuilding measuring 4.5*8m. The roof height on the ridge 2.7m. The gable on the long side. The roof is a continuation of the main roof – gable roof. The rafters 50 * 150 with a pitch of 60cm. Wall batten 100 * 150. Fastening studs M14 * 33.

Armored belt 18*16cm with 10mm reinforcement and structural rebar spacing 35cm 6mm will be cast in. The studs will be driven according to the drawing.

1) Is a 70cm step sufficient?

2) Is it too much M14? Is it possible to use M12?

3) Is the layout of the mauerlite correct in the plane of the reinforcement bridge?

4) Is the size of the wall batten correct?

5) In general, is the construction viable?

I am building it without a project.



The minimum you can use is a hanging rafter system with a beam to support the floor beam. But for that you would either have to put rafters more often, or use boards of much larger cross section (50x250, 50x300), or LVL beam of similar cross section, or trusses.

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