What are the possible pitfalls of installing wood planks on a low temperature underfloor heating system?

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We would like to install an oak plank floor in a country house on our low temperature underfloor heating system with hot water. It will be powered by a ground source heat pump. The company we chose, for example, claims that their boards are suitable for warm water low temperature heated floors.

Can I install natural wood planks without a problem, or will there be drawbacks such as increased energy consumption, wood creaking, etc.?

  • Your question is not clear! If a floorboard manufacturer promises that these boards are also suitable under low temperature underfloor heating, then I ask myself: who should make a more binding statement than the manufacturer itself?
  • @SanchoToledano  I ask because our building contractor strongly recommends against it because the wood boards insulate the floor too much and the geothermal heating will have to work too hard. I have also heard this from several wood dealers and now fear the manufacturer is just trying to sell. I would appreciate a statement on the additional heating requirements compared to vinyl floors?

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