Should I move the furniture away when reapplying the oil to the parquet or apply the oil around it?

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I've had oiled parquet in my house for almost a year now, and it really needs to be re oiled. Should I do this around the furniture or should I clean the room completely first and then apply the oil?

Originally 2 coats of Osmo Hardwax Oil were applied. Since I wipe down very infrequently, the wood was already pretty dry anyway. Now I have wiped the kitchen once with an Osmo Topoi mop with a little linseed oil, but left the furniture standing.

Will it hurt the parquet if the surfaces under the furniture are not oiled?



Don't worry, I'll tell you from experience, we have always oiled everything around, but we didn't move the table or furniture. In our last apartment, we didn't oil at all for years, and we vacuumed and wiped with a damp cloth (with care product) every 3-6 months.


In my case, the floor layer was oiled in two coats with Osmo hard wax oil. After that, you should probably add some oil to the mop water.

I have now purchased a 5L canister of linseed oil. I use it on my all-wood countertops and add a drop to the water to mop the floor, and soon I will put a whole layer on the floor. Apply in a thin layer, remove the excess after 20 minutes.

If I had the time, I'd save the expensive Osmo stuff and just oil it with linseed oil. However, it dries very slowly and you can't walk on the floor. I'm happy with the hard wax oil, except for the price.

  • Pure linseed oil is crap for hardwood flooring. If so, linseed oil based varnish. Also, properly treated wood needs very frequent maintenance. That's why it's better to leave it as is. Pure linseed oil may take weeks (depending on the wood) to dry sufficiently (it does not harden, unlike hard oil, etc. – so it provides little protection).
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    There is a reason why there are special products. For example, hard oil if the wood needs to stay with the pores open. With hard wax oil, you seal the wood and it becomes like a lacquered surface. Usually you don't have to re-lacquer your parquet until several years later. 
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