Is it true that dark plastic windows fade and warp quickly?

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We are a little unsure about our windows. Actually, our house was planning on having anthracite colored plastic windows (exterior). I heard from friends who are also currently in construction that some window manufacturers advised them not to do this. The cause disappeared after a few years. We also googled and found reviews of the warping. Can you confirm this experience? Or how your windows look after 15 years? I really don't feel like in a few years I will have faded windows that may be hard to close. 



My parents have dark green plastic window frames. Nothing has faded or warped yet. The house has been standing for 12 years.

Neighbor's house has been idle for 25 years and the window frames are black. If you look closely, they look a little faded on the sunny side. But if you don't pay attention and don't compare frames, you won't see anything.


We had somewhat older plastic windows, white inside, mahogany trim outside. Nothing faded or warped and there were already huge elements, 2 lift and slide systems 3m wide and 1.5m high . Now in its 3rd year, foil plastic windows again (dark oak inside and out, it's almost black) and everything is top notch.

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