Open roof truss or ceiling?

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We are currently planning to build an EFH with 2 full floors. The walls are up to 6m high (ridge height up to 9m). We want a ceiling height of 2.7-3 m at the bottom and about 2-2.5 m more at the top.

We are still deciding whether to build with or without a ceiling on the top floor (open truss, gable roof 25*, so huge room heights are possible).

An open truss will probably cost about $15k-20k more, but in return you get spacious rooms, light through the skylights and can add a gallery later if necessary. With the ceiling, it's easier to install spotlights, it'll cost less, and you'll have the attic as extra storage space (because we don't have a basement, but we have lots of storage rooms/apartments, garages, garden sheds, etc.), although it'll probably end up just junk there anyway...

What do you think? Which makes more sense?

  • A 5.5m ceiling height? And then only as one big room on the top floor?
  • Have not just one room upstairs, of course, but 2 children's rooms, an office, children's bathroom, parent's NW/closet/bathroom. With an open design, the room in the center would probably be 3.5-4m high. 



That's how we did it.


It looks without a ceiling more like a summer house than a house.

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