What should the waterproofing of the patio exit/doors in double masonry look like?

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In our construction, the waterproofing at the patio exit has not been done yet. We have a PSK door there. From the outside, the decking has to be tightened into the "outcropping". The opening is basically when the clinker is 11.5 cm wide. The decking should be about the same height as the finished floor inside.

Obviously, "special measures" (such as a drainage channel) must be provided if the "joint height" is less than 15 cm.

Question: How exactly is the connection height determined?

The sill is about 6 cm above the FFB. The roof overhang is about 50 cm. This is the south side, the weather is coming from the west.

It is unclear how the waterproofing under the PSK door is to be connected to the basement waterproofing. The basement waterproofing is behind the clinkers, so a proper connection is not possible in my case. I've been told by other builders (also showed pictures) that it's not that important. Most of the time the liquid plastic was just applied very liberally.

Who has recent experience here or can give advice? Unfortunately, my architect doesn't want to do the detailed planning and leaves it up to me.




The important thing is that the patio has an outside slope and drain – if the workers do their job right, it's not a problem and there's no need for a separate drain.

  • If anything, they later installed an ACO gutter. I don't think there was ever any serious water there. However, I have had the PSK seal to the substrate tinkered with 3 times before I liked it. It would have been ideal to carefully plan the waterproofing from the beginning and let the joints protrude from the clinker.
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