How to waterproof a house/patio wall?

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We are currently working on a terrace (construction). The house is still standing. The floor slab was built on a layer of gravel, and the sides of the floor slab were properly insulated. Now we have chosen patio doors, which should provide a transition to the terrace at ground level. The terrace must also be built on a layer of gravel. This raises the question of what a reasonable waterproofing system should look like.

We apply a pitted membrane in front of the existing floor slab insulation to protect the insulation. In addition, we implement a slope of <5%). What else needs to be done besides this? The exterior plaster has not been applied yet. So we still have all the options.

  • One of the most damaging parts of building a house. You can find possible reasonable designs online under the term "baseboard reference." 



I assume the following:

1.) half of the red Styrodur is applied over the plaster.

2.) Then a waterproofing solution is applied on top of the plaster

3.) At the place where the plaster will be laid, a roofing felt is applied to the masonry, which is cut off flush with the plaster from above.

4.) Where there is no paving or only earth/gravel, it is only backfilled.

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