How to remove white paint clouding on the parquet after painting?

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We repainted the walls (covering the floor, of course). However, after removing the film, there is paint powder residue on our oak parquet floor. Even after wiping with wood floor soap, a white haze appears in these areas (see attached photo). What's the best way to get this off the floor? Or should I treat it with maintenance oil?




Presumably the parquet has not been sealed, but the wood surface has been protected with a mixture of oil and wax.

Assuming that the white patina is cured paint, pick up 150 grit sandpaper at the hardware store. Now shorten the sandpaper a bit: it makes sense to use a smooth surface (wood or something similar) to achieve an even surface when sanding. Align the shortening with this sanding tool (to avoid fiddling with an A4 sheet).

Sand gently and in a circular motion without pressure, vacuum/remove dust and lubricate again.

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