What is the noise level of a tin roof on a single-pitch roof?

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We are considering installing a tin roof on our single-gable roof house and garage. We are just wondering how loud it will be during wind and rain. Also, does anyone have any experience of what the noise level is like for the neighbors?



I can report my own experience with double standing seam zinc: I would do it again in a heartbeat. I don't find it any noisier than a tile roof. What is the overall design of your roof? As far as noise, you have to look at the whole system.

So far, I've had a good experience building a roof like this: zinc double standing seam – rough cladding -> rear vent -> Pavatex -> MiWo insulation -> double gypsum board decking. Also a single pitched roof with a 7 degree pitch and photovoltaic modules on the partial surface.

Additionally: a "structured separation layer with load-bearing fleece" was installed directly below the metal sheeting. You can imagine this as a short layer of artificial turf. The entire double standing seam roof rests on this. By the way, it's not screwed firmly to the roof cladding at any point, so the zinc sheets can move around depending on the temperature. I think this separation layer, combined with a full layer of sheet pile, also helps prevent noise to some extent. The separation layer also has a (primarily) moisture-regulating function.


It is always difficult to help you specifically since you "reveal" very little basic information. Basically, a sheet metal roof can be damped by giving it vibration resistance (such as multi-layer sheeting) or by giving it appropriate elasticity. Coating also affects the "sound properties."

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