Renson-Brustor-Pratic, which brand to choose for a pergola slatted roof?

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We intend to install a slatted pergola roof approximately 5x5m with side curtains to cover the patio. Does anyone have any experience with the above manufacturers in terms of quality/durability/wear?



You can buy a Renson without looking. It's a Porsche with slatted roofs.

The quality is top notch!

Also, there are often examples in showrooms that are much cheaper. It just has to match the size and color.


I was considering this option, but now we've changed our mind.

The original plan was for a "dark" patio roof and possibly photovoltaic modules on top, then a slatted roof was considered. It's chic, probably costing about $20K for 20 square feet, but that doesn't work for us, so it will probably be a glass roof with a canopy under or over it.

We've always liked that a glass roof keeps furniture, cushions, and anything on the table from getting damp by morning. The dew settles on the glass roof and that's a good thing, everything can stay outside at night.

With a slatted roof, it has to stay closed all the time, even in winter and when it rains, and then it will be dark under it, whereas you can sit under a glass roof even when it rains.

Ultimately, each model has its own advantages and disadvantages, but we came to the conclusion that for us, the additional possibility of shading at will is very important. It also makes it at a different price point, which is ultimately better.

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