Why is the EIFS facade cracked?

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There is a house made of CIP panels. The facade pie consists of 50mm EPS, glue, mesh, decorative plaster, and facade paint. Styrofoam was attached to OSB with glue and plastic caps with self-tapping screws, quality mesh, glue, base and decorative plaster "Quickmix". One winter the finish endured well, after the second there were cracks.




Well, there are a lot of violations in the installation. All of the connections and tides on the windows are not done correctly.

Here it is necessary to call a specialist on the site. Do the examination. 


I had a similar crack from the corner of the window to the corner of the garage door opening on a garage made of CIP panels. Removed the finish, it was clear that the EPS from the beginning tore and then squeezed, although I recommended the customer to insulate the blind area, you can clearly see in the photos that the system layers are at each other this suggests that the framework are strong movements. In violation of the technology of installation of such cracks do not happen, they are thin, maximum 2 mm, or violations were very rough.

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