When should you put silicone grout on tiles in a new building?

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We are in the final stages of construction of our new building. The tile is completely finished. Right now, we're thinking about whether to silicone grout right away (expansion joints and joints between the floor tile and subfloor) or to wait until the house settles down.Actually, we'd prefer to have it done right away.

What experience do you have? Is there a good chance that the silicone will crack if it is done right away?

  • We did it right away too, and after 3 years, cracks almost everywhere :(



We had it completely done right away, and after 2 years we only have one crack.


We also did it right away, and after three and a half years we had two cracks that were repaired right away today.

  • Thank you! We'll probably do it right away too and hope for the best 

We are going to get it done right away. Then when they tear, and they will, so what. I'm going to make a new order. It's not hard. 

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