How to save a cracking oak stairs?

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I have an important problem, and I am in desperate need of good advice. A couple of years ago I added a balcony landing with stairs to the house. I chose oak for the stair struts. During the first summer, I occasionally inspected the stairs and noticed that more and more cracks were appearing in both the stringers and the steps. The stringers were sawed out and glued back together. That glue joint is now also opening up. I am not an expert, but in my opinion the cracks are too severe. I have attached some pictures. The cracks are 30 to 80 cm long and up to 4.5 cm deep.

I would like to hear your opinion. 

  • There was no surface treatment here? Why wasn't it oiled/painted or something similar right during installation?



Untreated oak is not ideal for exterior work. Siberian larch goes much better. Here's the thing. Old shiplap oak, stored for years and exposed to the wind, can hardly be afforded.

Now you have to live with it. 

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