How to fix twisted wood for rafters?

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Over the winter, 200x200 timber, which was to be the plank under the rafters, was twisted.

It is based on three walls, the middle is fully laid on the one hand 30% of the leaning on the one hand, the other about 50%.

Is it possible to use the places where it does not touch the walls to insert something like a wedge, thereby preventing the rotation of the beam?

I plan to put rafters perpendicular to the rafters and from the side of the scaffolding to make a cut of 90 degrees and the angle of the bar.

Am I thinking the right way?




Just saw out an "oblique" section to get a full support of 200 mm.

And to keep it level with the middle wall, put a board on the gable to level with the resting level of the middle wall.


Without the reinforcement belt? I would have treated it with mastic and poured concrete.

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