Can I install drywall before installing windows and screed?

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Our windows won't arrive until a month from now. Our construction manager said that the drywall will probably start before the windows are installed. He doesn't see any problem here. What do you think?

The weather side is duct taped, the rest of the windows are open. There hasn't been any rain so far since the roof was installed. A small portion of the walls on the first floor are dry stuccoed, and almost all of the second floor is dry stuccoed.

We have heard from many people that the screed should be done before the drywall. Can you confirm that?

  • Just glue them on with acrylic. It lasts a long time and is much easier to remove.



In my opinion, interior walls must be installed before screed because you are screeding the rooms (with insulating strips around the edges; edge insulating strips). Otherwise, the wall would have to be put on top of the screed, which would not be professional at all (soundproofing, expansion behavior of heated screed, stress, etc.).

In interior drywall finishing, the wall is often installed and sheathed on one side. On the other side, only one (half) board is attached from below. The screed can then be laid, but the wall is left open so that further installation work can be done later.


They can do it now, as long as it doesn't rain. The house is cold anyway. By the time they're done with everything, the windows will be in place. But I wouldn't put the plaster on before the windows are installed.

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