How do I adjust the brightness of lamps connected in series without laying new cables?

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When designing the lighting I noticed that several sconces were connected in series. This way, I activate two or three points with one switch. That is, the cables were simply routed to the next outlet. Unfortunately, at the time of purchase I no longer had any influence on the electrical design. I would like to adjust the brightness of the individual lights individually. Does anyone know an easy way to do this without running new cables?



That won't work without an actual wiring diagram. You would have to see exactly what was wired and how it was actually needed.

Otherwise, you could install what are called "smart lights" as stipulated in the busway rules.


If not only three-core cable but also five-core cable is used, the second busbar can be connected to another, free phase and then switched.


Not enough information, but yes, a lot can be done with lamps from various manufacturers with built-in radios.

  • Sorry, there are power rails on the power points, and now the two power rails are switched with one switch, which was not the purpose of the different rails. I was hoping to do this with a switch, perhaps a serial switch? Is there such a possibility? 
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