Eternit as a roofing alternative to clay tiles?

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Our architect recommended clay shingles, but an acquaintance told us that we should also consider Eternit shingles because they are much cheaper than clay shingles. Concrete shingles are usually ruled out because of rather negative stories about them deteriorating after a few decades, etc.

Has anyone here had any experience with Eternit? Asbestos hasn't been used in years, so what are the pros and cons of using Eternit shingles for roofing?

  • I think it's a rumor about rapid deterioration. It's all a matter of taste and pocketbook. Neither more nor less.



We used concrete shingles in our last two houses. In my rental property as well. 50 years of longevity is a lot – by then, home builders tend to rot.


Clay shingles are not as precisely sized as concrete shingles, the roof just looks different. Durability certainly doesn't impress you any more in any of the options.

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