Are floor-to-ceiling windows suitable for a child's room?

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We are moving into an apartment on the first floor of a new building, and we have the choice of making a bedroom or nursery out of a 13.5 m² room with floor-to-ceiling windows or a 15 m² room with regular windows.

The larger room is more suitable for a big bed and closet, but I don't think floor-to-ceiling windows and therefore garden-opening doors are so ideal for a child's room (4 and 1 year olds).

What do you think?

  • There is also a third room that is 14m². I put it down because it is being used as a nursery for the baby. So the competition now involves a four year old and us. The silly thing is that the square footage of the room is severely limited by the two meter windows. Perhaps it wouldn't be so bad if it were used as a children's room. However, I always like to have children's rooms further down the apartment rather than at the front door – a room with floor-to-ceiling windows is at the front door



If there is no such feature, install a locking handle and that's it.


Do both children have to be in the room? Then I would lean toward more. Otherwise, a 13 sq m room wouldn't hurt them either. It's nice that the floor-to-ceiling windows can be decorated and painted on their own. Ours really likes it when he uses window chalk.


At age 4, they will come out at you unnoticed, regardless of the room. Our 2 year old ran away from his grandmother naked, unnoticed. He went through the bathroom, down the hallway, through the kitchen (where Grandma was standing), up the little stairs, across the hall and into the garden. So the motto: lock up anyway.

I would choose according to your walking habits. In our house (bungalow) the children's rooms would be closer to the door than ours. This applies to the garden.

Reason 1: Garden visitors do not need to be very quiet in the evenings so as not to wake the children.

Reason 2: When I pack laundry in the bedroom, I get a view of the children in the garden.

Reason 3: I can get to the kids faster from the living room than from the bedroom (yes, I know, 2m is not much).

Reason 4: The couch overlooks the kids' rooms.

I would place a one year old in the room next to the bathroom. Short distances when urinating are worth their weight in gold. Then #2 is in the smaller room for now. You can always move if you realize you are better off the other way around.

  • Thank you so much for the detailed answers. In fact, everything speaks in favor of using the "garden room" on its own: We appreciate the view from the window. The kids' rooms are next to each other and close to the bathroom. The living room overlooks both rooms. We're at the front door. The only problem is that we will only have a 1.80 cm closet in the bedroom, and we will have to use the storage space in the kids' rooms.

Decide on the furniture. 13 square meters is enough for a child, and -> more dangerous when children climb on the window sill. A floor-to-ceiling window is more suitable for small children in this respect.

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