Do gabled windows in the attic make sense?

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The attic is not insulated.

Such a window is not bad for a small amount of daylight, but a chimney hatch would actually do just as well.

A colleague saw that there were unsightly "water noses" on the window in the next house. I assume the window has no sill.

What are some other disadvantages of gabled attic windows?

  • We also plan to have two small ones (one on the left and one on the right) for "airing". It's unclear if that makes sense. Many people do triangular windows (not sure how much they cost).



I would also suggest installing a window on each gable, just to have daylight in the attic on the one hand, and to allow reasonable ventilation on the other.

Our two windows in the attic (a clean storage space or perhaps a place for a jogging track) have the same outside sills as all the other windows in the house.

However, we did not install the roller shutters on both windows – it seemed completely unnecessary.

We cut the interior window sills to size at a DIY store and installed them ourselves


What is the height of the attic? If it will/could only be used as storage, I don't think a window is absolutely necessary. But if it can be used for other purposes (game room, office), then I would plan for a simple gabled window to be at the ready in case of need.

I also think those triangular gable windows are too expensive if the room is just a storage room.

  • The floor is not sized in the design I have, from a side view you can assume dimensions of about 4m x 10m x 1.98m (ceiling to ridge).
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