Is it convenient to use the attic with a gable roof with a slope of 20 degrees?

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We are currently planning a new building with 9,5x11m, 2 full floors without basement with gable roof 20 degrees roof pitch (without dormers, windows). Since we need storage space our thought is to make the attic accessible through a skylight and use it as storage space. We are aware that the attic is only a small usable area, but it would be enough for some storage space. Now our architect has advised us against this, because according to her the area is not usable.

We would reject an open roof truss because of the insulation. So the question is, more or less – to make the roof truss accessible or to hang it down.

Whether you see such a use as useful and what are your experiences?



We ourselves have a 22 degree cold roof. Including 24cm insulation there is nothing more walkable. Then it is called high and crawling away and that is only 3m in the middle.


TAN(alpha) = opposite cathetus/adjacent cathetus <=>

opposite cathetus = opposite cathetus * TAN(alpha) = 10/2 * TAN(22°) = 2,02m maximum height under the ridge

Depending on the roof construction and insulation, that leaves 1.60m. It's not much, but it's good for Christmas balls, sledges and Easter nests.

You have to weigh the cost/benefit question yourself.

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