What is the connection scheme between the canopy and the ETICS facade?

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We have a canopy where the aluminum profile for the wall connection was screwed on the roof, but only glued to the ETICS wall (so as not to damage the ETICS). Now every few weeks that joint breaks again and it rains down the wall.

What is the right way to do this?

My idea is to seal the joint with sealant (don't worry, you can't see it) and then tape another joint on top to make it tight. The sealing tape is movable, so the joint won't break.

  • Could you please post some pictures?



Your ETICS will probably be plastered. It is virtually impossible to get a "smooth" wall flashing to seal on rough plaster. Sealing or swelling tape doesn't help much, as it just pushes your flashing away from the wall (since there is no screw in the ETICS).

At what height from the top of the overhang is your rising wall?

The only option I can suggest is to make a two-piece wall connection or clad the entire length of the canopy with smooth sheet metal up to the roof overhang at the edge / eaves. That way, the rain gets right on the sheets and doesn't penetrate the space behind them.

Disadvantage: It costs a lot and looks modest!

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