When can a window installer take measurements on ETICS facade?

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We are in the process of building a house. The casing is installed, the clinker/brickwork is almost finished. It is built of sand-lime brick, with ETICS with stucco on the top third, and the bottom 2/3 are clinker clad. I have been told that the window builder can only measure it after the facing brick is fully installed.

Do I have to install ETICS first or can the windows be measured and installed beforehand?



What measurements the window builder has to make, i.e. where exactly to make the measurements, depends, of course, on the level at which the windows will be installed.

Regardless of the exact installation level: the fact that measurements have to be taken at all is related to the tolerances between the planned dimensions and the reality of execution. In this sense, you can only measure what is already there. So far, this applies only to the structural envelope of the wall and the cladding of the wall.

But that is enough, which is simply due to the order of ranking: compared to a window, the wall ranks higher – it is better to know the final size of the window dressing later than to have to hammer out a few more bricks – whether masonry or facing bricks. However, compared to ETICS, the window has a higher rank: the slabs are slightly cut to a different size (and in any case are only brought to the exact size during installation, where they are the last slabs in their row). So here the window doesn't have to follow the "wall" and may already be there. It should be discussed with the contractors whether it should already be installed.


In any case, it can be measured when the facing bricks are ready. I would coordinate the assembly at the top with the ETICS installers, but you do not have to wait for them to measure. At the top, the ETICS is what is subordinate to where it must fit together. The measurement below only had to wait, how far the wall egg has deviated from the target dimensions.

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