Internal gutters: how to implement with minimal costs?

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We would like to have a single-pitch roof with internal gutters, but we do not know how to fit a gutter into this design with minimal cost. The photo shows what it should look like. And how our architect drew it.

As you can see, he wants to work with a pin extension. My concern is the cost.

Do you see any other possibilities? For reference: Because of the flat slope (8°), this will probably be a foil roof.




Doesn't another layer of insulation (Pavatex or similar) go on top of the rafters? In the details, I found a back vent over the rafters, right? With a roof pitch of 8 degrees, a zinc double standing seam roof could be an alternative if you like it.

  • - No, obviously everything between the rafters needs to be insulated. - Exactly, there should be rear ventilation. The question remains: how do you implement/trim this "internal" ventilation in a cost-effective way, without a complicated construction on the eave side?
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