Is the heating pipe bent too much?

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We're just installing underfloor heating in our new building, and I noticed this kink. Of course, the architect and the heating company say it's fine. What do you think? It seems not okay for me.

  • On the 3 hinges the bottom 2 have a slight kink



It really looks like unprofessional work – the spacing is completely unequal. Not only is the bend unnecessary, but it really is a lot.

With pipes, oxygen gets into the system and over time corrodes all the steel elements, leading to siltation. A reasonable company would not have installed such a thing long ago.


First of all, they got the pipes completely wrong, that's why you get this story, the architect and the heating engineer know this, but of course it's okay for them, can a construction estimator or expert help?

  • Moving on, they definitely don't know what they are doing, make an appointment with a surveyor.

Of course, it's a design issue... it's not pretty, and it will reduce pump performance, i.e. the water will flow slower at that point, and so the pump will need more pressure to maintain a steady flow, but it's up to you to explain that to the architect or plumber.

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