Can I fill a sloped floor with a leveling compound if there is already an underfloor heating system in there?

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I want to convert my garage into a music room (for piano, etc.) and put a parquet there.

But now the garage has a slope towards the drain in the middle (40mm max). The garage (under the same roof as the rest of the house) also has underfloor heating. My idea is to pour a leveling compound in there. It should be suitable in terms of bearing capacity. 

1. can it be dismantled relatively easily (if you want to use the garage as a garage again)? By relatively hassle-free, I mean a hole punch is fine, but not 3 weeks of hammering, but maybe you can knock it all out in a day or two without getting too deep (underfloor heating)?

2. Does the underfloor heating continue to heat up after you have filled the slope with the leveling compound?

  • As I understand it, the leveling compound has to bond to the substrate.... Then, of course, it will be difficult to separate it again.



Pour and dry the screed, then lay the flooring. The filler is loose, and then it's easy to remove.

How this all works with underfloor heating, I don't know

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