What is the function of the beams in the roof? Can I remove all or some of them?

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I would like to convert my roof to 2 children's rooms.

We bought the house some time ago and don't know what the beams on the left side are for. They are about 2-3m long and go into the roof.

Can anyone help me out? Are these beams important? Is it possible to remove them?

  • Are you really now asking in a forum for amateurs with a little half-dark picture what beams are load-bearing on your roof truss and can they be removed? A carpenter can tell you, or a structural engineer, or an architect.



One picture can't convey to an outside observer the same image as you do on the spot. The details can only be guessed at. It seems certain to me that the side aisles would be lost as "off-sides" since these "beams" are probably an integral part of the roof truss. So you would only be able to create usable roof space between the columns supporting the center truss, and therefore only have windows on the gables.


Discuss this question with your local carpenter; he or she can also tell you how you can remove one or two beams to then support the rest.

In general, however, roof trusses do not contain more beams than necessary; nor should you expect purely decorative beams.

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