Does it make sense to install concealed window fittings? What advantages does it offer?

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What do you guys think about a concealed window fitting (corner and stay bearings)? Does the extra cost (at about $1,500 for the entire house) make sense?

Is it a purely optical thing or are the concealed fittings possibly also of disadvantage (technically)?



It is in the main, – but not only – an optical thing. Besides the optical aspect, you should also see:

— The window sash can be opened (turned) only about 90-95°. Of course, this is enough in the vast majority of cases, but sometimes it may not be enough.

— Some manufacturers of fittings adjustment range of hidden tilt-turn fittings is very small or does not work at all.

— The fact that the fittings lie completely in the rebate means that the level of sealing is not compromised. That's super.

— The rebate on the inside naturally gives you more room on the sides, such as for tile (older buildings). It often helps.

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