Which window profile to choose: Veka SOFTline or Deceuninck Favorit Space?

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The time has come to buy windows. Double-glazed windows in both cases are the same (2x14x4x14x4i, aluminum frame), hardware in both cases – POTO. Which profile to choose from two: Veka SOFTline or Deceuninck Favorit Space?

Maybe something else to look out for?



For over 5 years I have been in wholesale windows from different manufacturers. In fact, there is no difference between Softline and Space, both profiles are decent. Deceuninck sealant in case of damage can be easily replaced by a normal sealant (you just need to cut the welding spot in the corners with an ordinary drill). All the differences in them only the external form, what you like more, take it. Double-glazed windows are better to choose a "4-Multifunction/14/14/4/4-Energy saving, white plastic frame" as the warmest option, less gas for heating you will spend.

The point in Softline 82, only the possibility to install a wider glass unit 52 mm.

The final quality depends on the manufacturer, it is better to take a large (automatic lines) or medium (twin-headed welding machines). And 50% of success depends on the installers (bad hands can kill the most expensive and excellent window).

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