Advice on a folding non-transparent patio roof

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What possibilities do you see for a storm-proof patio roof that can be opened (partially) in some way (e.g., pushed open) in winter? The roof should provide shade in the summer (so no need for a glass roof) and in the winter it should block out as little light as possible.

Is there a manufacturer of such roofs?



 Look for "switchable glass" or "smart glass. The technology is different in that it can be dimmed at the touch of a button. Not exactly cheap, but pretty cool.


An evergreen creeper canopy has properties. These days, people often forget the alternative of getting visual, wind and weather protection with natural plantings.


Our friends have a gazebo awning. Fixed frame on 2 supports and fabric awning that can be extended/retracted on rails. It looks modern and is quick to put away in a storm / snow.


A slatted roof might work for you. Or an awning that retracts/removes for the winter.

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