What rafter system to choose for the house of aerated concrete?

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We plan to build a house of aerated concrete 10x10m, the thickness of the block on the perimeter of 375mm. Exactly in the center will be load-bearing partition also from aerated concrete 250mm. Need help in choosing the rafter system. As far as I understand, the width of the spans of 5m (as it turns out I) system with a raised puff is not suitable for spacing. Hanging does not want to do, in order to preserve the attic floor.

So far there are only two solutions:

1. To make a ridge girder, prop it up with posts and push-pull props. But then how to hide the struts, so they do not take up space in the attic?

2. To make the central bearing partition above the level of the attic floor on 1,5-2 meters and on it to support and fix pincers. This option is suitable for my size (house, block thickness, etc.)?



Raise the middle wall to the bottom of the puffs (ceiling), and on it put ridge posts, and ridge beam.

To calculate the required thickness of the wood you need to consider the region, the degree of snow load and the angle of the roof.

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