A gable roof not centered – experience?

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We are renovating a 40 year old house. The roof was raised and 2 dormer windows were added. The roof was shingled last week. Unfortunately, the new roof is not centered, the ridge has shifted 15-20 cm to the left. As a result, the overhang on the left is 20 cm longer than on the right. Correction is not possible without complete removal. The contractor proposes either lengthening the roof overhang on the right or shortening the roof overhang on the left. The question is, does this suggestion make sense? Because of the location of the house, the gable end is not visible from the front, so the shift is not really noticeable. It's mostly noticeable because of the uneven roof overhangs. 




Well, I'd leave it as it is if it doesn't bother you. After all, you can only see it from the side, and probably only if you know it.


The different length of the overhangs would hardly embarrass me – a little longer on the garden side might be quite nice. On the other hand, a statically offset center of gravity would make me wonder – let the structural engineer overlook it at the expense of the carpenter. If statically all right, leave it, if statically limited, then disassembly and rebuilding is not disproportionate.

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