How to install soffits?

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We have a frame house. The standard eaves – building hung with a frontal board. On the side of the frontal board is a planned j-face, the other end of the soffit ends in a j-profile. The size of the overhang – 50 cm.

Is it possible to install soffits without fasteners – i.e. they will just snap together and hold the grooves of j-profiles? In theory, the soffits will not fall out.

Or still need to do two bars, perpendicular to the rafters and hemmed to them from below along the entire length of the eaves. And do these bars fasten soffits?

  • What are you going to fasten the bevel to?
  • Can't I bolt it to the rafters? Just in case – my end of the rafters are not sawed perpendicular to the ground.
  • It's guaranteed to make waves.



I would still make some kind of bar along the whole structure and sew soffits to it. 

500 mm is a lot.

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