What height doors and windows would you recommend?

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Through the thread on ceiling height we came to the conclusion that our planned ceiling height for the large kitchen/dining/living area is probably a bit low. So far we planned about 2,625 m wall height and therefore about 2,45 m clear room height. Now we would like to build half a stone higher, so approx 2.75 m wall height and thus approx 2.57 m clear room height.

Now to the actual question, which door and window heights would you recommend? We would like to have the floor-to-ceiling windows in the kitchen/dining/living room as high as possible. Above that we still need the external venetian blind box and also we need to subtract about 5 cm from the available height because of insulation under the patio roof.



If I understood it correctly I would say 2,75-0,3(external blind box)-0,05(insulation)=2,4m...from raw floor


What is as high as possible will tell you your GU/architect. Interior doors you can make as you want... whether 2 m, 2.11 m or 2.36 m


we have finished room height 2,68m in the basement and 2,6m on the ground floor and interior doors of 2,11m

Windows are 2.26m high...unfortunately we could not go higher because we had to form a lintel above the sliding door.


we actually have exactly your height

The windows look like this from top to bottom:

12,5cm flat lintel

30cm roller shutter box

215cm window (frame+glass)

19cm floor construction

=276,5cm height of carcass

Doors we have are 211cm high.

The doors were originally not planned so high (because we are not very tall). Our GU has then been defined as standard and also installed with us. Looks good. And when you are somewhere else, the doors seem low to you.

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