What is the structure (order of layers) of underfloor heating system?

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Mid terrace house built in the 60's, the floor is stripped down to concrete. We would like to install underfloor heating... Have heard of these underfloor heating systems as a dry construction system. But essentially we have the following question:

— What is the structure of the underlayment? Pouring – insulation – underfloor heating – screed – floor covering?

— Why does the underfloor heating have to be under the screed? Will it also work over the screed?

— Is there anything else important to consider?

  • The underfloor heating should be under the screed because it has many advantages: the screed protects the heating, distributes the heat, and preserves it
  • Insulation can go under the underfloor heating system, but you can also use the basement ceiling as an alternative (then you won't lose room height).

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