How to calculate the maximum size of the gable overhang?

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How to correctly calculate the maximum size of the gable overhang, depending on the total area of boards + osb -12mm?

There is an opinion that it should be up to 60cm.

But if you add boards to the crate, up to a solid flooring in the gable and add OSB on top, then the idea of strength increases.

Some information about my house. Walls, gables of brick, gable roof, 32-degree angle, the whole pie is:

— rafters 50x150, membrane, 50x50 counter-batten, 25x150 crate, 12mm OSB, carpet, shingles 5mm.

Share plz. ideas on this subject.



There is no such thing as "area dependence".

You can do a calculation on a cantilevered wooden beam. Put your loads and cross-sections of purlins or whatever is going to be on the roof into the calculation.

The overhang can be made much more, you just need a calculation.

400 mm outreach is allowed without calculation if only purlins/OSB connect outriggers and roof. A 600 mm outreach can be done if the outriggers go "inside the house" I think by 1.5 ... 2.5 times 600 mm. And then only by calculation. And in this further to do the crate from a board 50x100 on the rib will be stupid, and it is not the task of crates.

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