Why Reflexa external venetian blinds for sloping windows AsyFlex destroy themselves?

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I installed exterior slanted window blinds in my home.

Unfortunately, I had a problem with them shortly after installation in the form of, as you can see in the photos, that they gradually drive up more and more obliquely.

The problem is that when the right side already reaches the top of the box, the motor does not stop, but continues to run until the left side is also on top.

On this occasion, the right side belts in the picture have already broken several times.

Unfortunately, the Reflexa manufacturer claims that this is not due to a product defect, but due to wear and tear, misuse, or that there may have been an object stuck in there and more.

I have repaired it 3 times now.

Any similar experiences or ideas on how this can be resolved – thanks in advance!




The damage analysis is not entirely conclusive to me, because if I were designing an exterior louver, I wouldn't install a motor so powerful that it could tear the fixing band. That would be too inefficient for me. Does the tape on the short side always tear in the same place?


Whether or not an exterior curtain is part of the building depends on when and through whom it was purchased and installed. It seems to me that the problem needs to be addressed within the contract. 

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