What kind of roller shutters to choose aluminum or plastic?

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We would like to install electric shutters. Plastic panels are included in the cost of the building. Now we have heard that above a certain width, only aluminum is recommended, otherwise they can warp. But what exactly is the width? What role does heat play in this? Of course, the largest areas of windows are in the south.

The window manufacturers' answers confuse us more than they help. One says it has to be aluminum from 4m², another says plastic is good for 3m wide and 4.50m², the next accepts only aluminum because of the heat in the south. The manufacturer gives no information at all – I think that's weak! This is pure chaos.

Aluminum is very expensive and we don't want to waste money unnecessarily. But of course it would be a shame if things warped in the sun. Our largest windows are 2100 high and 1650 wide. What would you use?



I can't write anything about the width and whether they are made of aluminum or plastic. But I might have another alternative. We also planned to install aluminum blinds on all the windows. But that was more of an optical solution than a practical one. But then the architect made us think about which rooms we really needed blinds. In the end we only decided on the rooms on the south and west sides. And they are now getting external blinds, which gives us much better control over the lighting. If the exterior blinds are controlled by sun and wind sensors, you get better shading than if you completely darken all the rooms. And that kind of shading ends up costing as much as blinds on all the windows. Think about what you need it for – after all, less can be more.


I wouldn't recommend PVC for several reasons. The first is because of the appearance. Look at 10 year old shutters in residential areas. The plastic always looks weathered, brittle.

Still okay with engine running, it's a problem in winter with manual belt drive. If you put 3 square feet down too quickly, the slats will break quickly in sub-zero temperatures. If PVC, at least a 45mm slat, it is more stable. Aluminum is always a better alternative...

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    My parents have had plastic shutters for 30 years. No discoloration (okay, they're also light gray), and so far they haven't had a single defect despite daily use.

Stick with plastic because aluminum is expensive and unnecessary. Also, your windows are really not panoramic windows where I would recommend using aluminum for the window itself.

If you are unsure of the different opinions – go to the new construction area and ask the builders there. You will usually find new and existing buildings. Ask people who have lived in the house for a while about their experiences. You can't find better information than that.


Pro plastic: price.

Pro aluminum: stable, colorfast, more burglary resistant

My favorite was and still is aluminum.

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