At what values of residual moisture can a tiler start work?

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Our screed still has a residual moisture content of 2.7%CM. Exactly 7 days ago it was 2.8%CM.

The 2 construction dryers are running consecutively.... Why is the screed in our house drying so slowly?

At what %CM can a tiler start his job?

  • What kind of screed are we talking about? I think 3% for cement and about 2% for calcium sulfate. 1.6-2 for laminate/parquet/vinyl.
  • It's a cement screed.
  • Is the heating working already.... Or just construction dryers?
  • @Roofer The screed heating program is already running. Seems to have been running for 8 days now (gas heating).



2.0% for cement screed and tile, 1.8% for hardwood flooring. For tile, there is an additional adhesive that also has a higher cost. For parquet, you can pre-apply a primer, but it is expensive.

8 days is more like functional heating than drying. Perhaps the drying process is exaggerated (capillary breakdown).

What is your temperature, how humid is it?

  • The heater goes up to 40 С, keeps the temperature for 3 days and then down again. In any case, the display of the heating system shows drying of the floor as a program. Temperatures in the house you mean? Currently around 22/23 degrees.
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