What kind of discount to claim for the failed installation of the roof frame?

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Some mistakes were made during the construction of the roof frame. You can see in the photo that the wood is damaged. Too wide a gap in the ridge? And the screws should have been screwed into the heads of the battens above the rafters, right?

What do you do in such a situation? Well, of course, replacing it now that the roof is half done is impossible.

The only option I can see is a repair and a discount from the precast supplier. How high should it be in this case?




It's not pretty, but it does the trick. Nothing will happen, it will be difficult to repair, and I don't think it will be visible from below, will it?


It's certainly not a good job, but it will hold up (if you screw in the missing screw(s)). Also, visibility from 8m below is of course limited.

But I believe the error can still be corrected. Place an appropriately painted diamond in the center of the top to close the gap. The screws (which for technical reasons should have been screwed in on the other side) can be putty and painted over.


We also had two spots that were slightly "damaged" in shipping.

I would veneer the ridge. The screws on the middle batten were probably installed to tighten the rafter to the batten before screwing it on top. If it doesn't fit 100%, it can't be bypassed. I can observe this with us as well.

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