What is the cheapest way to darken triangular windows?

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We have planned an attic floor with triangular windows in the upstairs bedroom.

Does anyone have any experience with blackout windows like this?

There are roller shutters that can be installed on such windows. However, in our size, they cost $3,500 or more, depending on the design. That, of course, is a lot of money.

As an alternative, you can consider pleated blinds or curtains. Curtains somehow don't look very nice. As for pleated blinds, I'm skeptical that they can really darken a room completely. My partner needs complete darkness in order to sleep...

Does anyone here have these blackout plissé blinds and can they tell me if their blackout is the same as roller shutters? Or does anyone have a secret tip on how to make a bedroom darker in a different way?




It would be hard to get something really dark.

I would consider a blackout roller blind that you attach to the bottom edge of the window and cut into a triangle at the top. The direction of movement is from bottom to top, like triangular roller shutters.

But it's not very pretty, and there's always some light shining through at the edges.

If your partner really wants it to be dark, you will either have to pay $3,500 for roller shutters or change the dormer window to a rectangular window.

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